Our mission

The Northernmost Scotch Distillery with 3 brands under 1 company. Our ethos at Kimbland Distillery is all about quality and minimal environmental impact. From seed to bottling, our mission is for our process to be not only environmentally friendly but actually reduce atmospheric carbon, and is blockchain tracked to ensure provenance.

3 Brands in 1 Company, where ancient meets modern.

Kimbland Whisky is an exclusive whisky made purely with malted Orkney Bere Barley and field to bottle accountability.

Taftsness Whisky is a mid-range whisky made using locally grown heritage barley. Taftsness is our single largest production product, with advanced negotiations in place for orders of 300 casks per year for the next 4 years.

Sanday Gins are a range of unusual flavoured gins with most botanicals grown on site, including our Orkney folklore gin, Nuckelavee -an Orkney seaweed - and chilli Gin.